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2012 Agenda

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Mixed FruitSTREAMWeb and MobileSTREAMWindows & .NETSTREAM
9:10David Burela
GitHub For Windows
Aaron Powell
SignalR 101
Bill Tulloch
.NET 4.5
9:45Neil Campbell
Git-TFS: Zero to Hero
Brett Maytom
Behaviour Driven Development even a Product Owner will like

Async Programming in C# 5
10:45Morning Tea
11:15Rob Linton
Microsoft .Net and Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Alex Mackey
HTML5, CSS3 & Friends
Cristian Prieto
Windows 8 Metro App Development from a .Net Developer's view
13:45Nina Meiers
What CEO's want to hear
Aaron Powell
All you need is a browser
David Burela
Windows 8 Development 101: The basics of XAML and ViewModels
15:00Daniel Bolger
Introduction to RavenDB
Jake Ginnivan
Building a RESTful Web API with Web API
Nick Hodge
ALL THE JAVASCRIPTS!1!!! (aka: using open source .js toolkits in Win8 apps)
16:00Afternoon Tea
16:15Jim Pelletier
Event Sourcing & DDD: A Love Story
Brendan Kowitz
Going Offline with JS
Boris Lipschitz
Inside Windows Azure


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