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2017 Agenda

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Courtyard Entrance
8:45Welcome and housekeeping
9:00KEYNOTE - Barry Dorrans
Wait, where did that command prompt come from?
09:45Morning Tea
10:00Richard Campbell
Saving the World One App at a Time – The Humanitarian Toolbox
Dom Raniszewski
Solving real life problems with machine learning
William Tulloch
Coming to grips with Progressive Web Apps
Ahmed Elharouny
Applying microservices principles to front-end
Melissa Ngau, Guy Gershoni
Testers in a Startup. Really?
Andrew Fisher
Workshop - Building Embodied Bots (Part 1)
11:00Andrew Best
DDD, CQRS, and ORMs - Finding the sweet spot
Hadi Eskandari
Microservices UI Patterns
Rob Crowley
GraphQL - A query language to empower your API consumers
Darmaine Cruz
Monkey Testing with Xamarin
Caitlin Palmer-Bright
Help Me Help You - Levelling Up Your Juniors More Effectively
Andrew Fisher
Workshop - Building Embodied Bots (Part 2)
Remya Ramesh
Web accessibility is everyone's job
12:00Aaron Powell
Docker, FROM scratch
Shashank Kaul, Mital Kakaiya
Blockchain: reconciling one block at a time
Daniel Chambers
Functional Programming Patterns for Mere Mortals
Stephen Carter
Object Recognition with HoloLens
Ben Dechrai
Going Viral for Fun, not Profit
Geoff Schaller, Chris Schaller
Disrupting the Disruptors with Practical IOT Solutions
Mark Brown II
Crossfit & Coding Skills
Allison Ravenhall
When is a DIV not a DIV? When it's a button
13:45Mahdi Hasheminejad
Practical Machine Learning for the average Joe developer
Raphael Haddad
Stop Mocking – start testing.
Mahesh Krishnan
An introvert's guide to influencing people and being recognised
Michelle Gleeson
Unit testing: are you making a Mock<ery>?
Danijel Malik
What modern DevOps looks like today
Erin Zimmer
Git. What the **** is it doing anyway?
Alison Ritchie
Mindfulness & Meditation 101
14:30Afternoon Tea
Old man yells about REST
Jason Taylor
Building Single Page Applications with ASP.NET Core
Joel Gallagher
Graph Databases - what you need to know
Amanda Dean
Excellent Teams and How to Build Them
Shiran Ginige
React/Redux - What you should know before getting started
Igor Gorelik
Depression - Software developer strain
16:00LOCKNOTE - Sarah Roocroft
Design Thinking is awesome
17:15Give aways and wrap up

The Glasshouse Caulfield
31 Station St, Caulfield East VIC 3145


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