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2018 Agenda

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Main Hall1st FloorYarra Room2nd FloorSupper Room3rd FloorJunior Dev1st Floor
9:00Welcome and housekeeping
Main Hall
9:15KEYNOTE - Dayle Stevens
A Day in the Life of a CIO
Main Hall
10:00Morning Tea
Main Hall
10:30Jason Taylor
Clean Architecture with ASP.NET Core 2.1
Laura Summers
UX for Developers
Rian Finnegan
A Practical Introduction to Quantum Computing
J. Rosenbaum
Mixed Reality and Art
Mike Nam-Lee
Finding your soul-workplace
11:30Mai Nguyen
Let’s go Serverless
Jaime Febres
Advance Programming with TypeScript
Ben Cull
This Startup Life: A Developer's Mistakes and Tips
Rhiana Heath
The 5 W's of Accessibility
Main Hall
13:15Kieran Jacobsen
The Boring Security Talk
Brendan Richards
Full Stack Rx - Using Redux Patterns on the Server Side with .Net Core, and SignalR
Prakriti Mateti
8 lessons in 8 years
Andrew Hore
Getting Started With Git
14:15Damian Brady
Intro to Machine Learning
Allison Ravenhal
Inclusive front-end development with WCAG 2.1
Abhaya Chauhan
What has 4 years of AWS Microservices taught me?
Abhaya Chauhan
Getting Paid, An introduction to Stripe
15:00Afternoon Tea
Main Hall
15:30Rob Crowley
Service Meshes - Powering the next wave of microservice architectures
Ryan Preece
Modern JavaScript For Web Dinosaurs
Amanda Dean
Modern Testing for Modern Developers
Sirani McNeill
Web Application Security in Software Development
16:30Anthony Borton
How Microsoft does devops
Aaron Powell
Securing Single Page Applications
Tama Waddel
Railway Oriented Programming: C# Edition
Valentin Carmignac
TDD, Coding Dojo and stuff
17:15Thank yous and wrap up
Main Hall

The Carlton Club
193 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000


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